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VIND is the second cellulose granulate in our offer with different parameters than EKOFIBER. At lower degree of impregnation of fibers, it has a lower thermal conductivity (λ= 0.039) and higher volumetric efficiency (25 kg/m3 in case of loose layer).


VIND is widely used as thermal insulation in various building constructions, regardless the applied construction materials or purpose, starting from houses and farm buildings, through industrial and sport facilities, to large blocks of flats and sacral buildings.

Technical data

VIND loose thermal insulation material based on cellulose
Purpose and range of applications of the construction product: Thermal insulation of construction works
Technical specification: PN-EN 15101-1:2013
Declared technical properties of a construction product:

  • Thermal conductivity λ = 0,039 [w/m*k]
  • Classification of reaction to fire E (PN-EN 13501-01)

Feeding density:

  • uncovered thermal insulation in horizontal and moderately sloping  ≤10o partitions:
    – 26÷28 [kg/m3] for thermal insulation of thickness up to 25 cm,
    – do 38 [kg/m3] for thermal insulation with higher thickness
  • thermal insulation filling closed spaces in flat roofs (≤10o) structures, and arched and sloping roofs (>10o) 42÷60 [kg/m3],
    – thermal insulation filling closed spaces in inner and outer walls 50÷60 [kg/m3],

Settlement in case of loose repose at horizontal surfaces:

  • for thickness of thermal insulation up to 25 cm – 10%,
  • for higher thickness – 15%.
Frequency [Hz] Reverberated sound absorption coefficient
125 0,42
250 0,67
500 0,71
1000 0,75
2000 0,83
4000 0,83

Physical and chemical properties

  • maximum humidity with preserved λ value – 23%,
  • natural change in humidity during the year – 11 ÷ 17%
  • value of diffusion coefficient (at density of 47,5 kg/m3) d = 520 * 10-4 [g/h*m*hPa],
  • value of diffusion resistance (at density of 47,5 kg/m3) – m = 1,4,
  • specific heat (at humidity of 10%) – approx. 1850 [J/kg*K],
  • pH value – about 7

Approvals and certificates

Documents being the grounds for application of VIND thermal insulation material:

Nordiska Ekofiber Polska Sp. z o. o. as a producer of loose cellulose thermal insulation with the trade name EKOFIBER®, informs that, in view of the Polish Standard PN-EN 15101-1 “Thermal insulation products in construction. In situ formed loose cellulose (LFCI) products. Part 1: Specification of products before use.”, construction products covered by the Polish Standard do not need to have a technical approval in any form.