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EKOFIBER® is a loose, thermal insulation material made of cellulose fiber that creates a barrier to heat flow. It is characterized by high fire resistance and protects against fungi and mold growth. To achieve such parameters, the fiber is properly chemically impregnated.

EKOFIBER® is perfect for transferring moisture without accumulating it and therefore does not require the use of a vapor barrier foil. It is suitable for use throughout buildings, perfectly protecting it against fungus and preventing corrosion and the settlement of rodents and insects.


EKOFIBER® is widely used as thermal insulation of various building structures, regardless of the construction materials used and the purpose, ranging from single-family houses and farm buildings, through industrial and sports facilities, to large-scale apartment blocks and sacred buildings.

Technical data

Form of loose granules blown in without technological losses  (100% usage of material).
Applied mounting densities:
– flat roofs, unused attics – 27÷29 kg/m3,
– roof surfaces – 40÷45 kg/m3,
– walls – 50÷55 kg/m3.
Thermal conductivity coefficient  λ = 0,041 W/mK.
“Breathing” –no vapor barrier is required in partitions insulated with eco-fiber.
Resistance to fungi and molds.
Protection of wooden structures against biodegradation and steel structures against corrosion.
Classification of reaction to fire C (PN-EN 13501-01)
Flame retardant – not spreading fire.
Unfriendly to insects and rodents.
High sound insulation capacity.

Frequency [Hz] Reverberated sound absorption coefficient
125 0,42
250 0,67
500 0,71
1000 0,75
2000 0,83
4000 0,83

Physical properties

  • maximum humidity while maintaining the λ – 23%,
  • natural change in humidity during the year – 11 ÷ 17%
  • diffusion coefficient value (at density of 47,5 kg/m3) d = 520 * 10-4 [g/h*m*hPa],
  • diffusion resistance coefficient (at density of 47,5 kg/m3) – m = 1,4,
  • specific heat (at humidity of 10%) – approx. 1850 [J/kg*K],
  • pH value – approx. 7

Approvals and certificates

Documents underlying the use of  EKOFIBRU®:

Nordiska Ekofiber Polska Sp. z o. o. as a producer of loose cellulose thermal insulation with the trade name EKOFIBER®, informs that, in view of the Polish Standard PN-EN 15101-1 “Thermal insulation products in construction. In situ formed loose cellulose (LFCI) products. Part 1: Specification of products before use.”, construction products covered by the Polish Standard do not need to have a technical approval in any form.